Local Planning Applications

You can view outline details of all planning applications within the Parish of Great Bentley in the table below. Full details of planning applications can be found on the Tendring District Council website, where you may submit your comments about individual applications, just follow the link; TDC Online Planning. You can read the view of the Parish Council on planning applications in the Planning Committee meeting minutes on this website.

Application No. Proposal Location
16/01024/FUL Proposed shed. Palfreyman’s, The Green, Gt Bentley
16/01139/TCA 1 No. Sycamore – Reduce by 50%. Breith The Path Great Bentley
16/01018/FUL Proposed side extensions to form new habitable areas. Moorleigh Weeley Road Great Bentley
16/01031/FUL Proposed two storey side extension to form dining, WC and 2 bedroom. 29 Woodgreen Estate Plough Road Great Bentley
16/00957/FUL Proposed extension to pool house to form summer house. Grange Farm House Heckfords Road Great Bentley
16/00950/OUT Outline application for up to 50 market and affordable dwellings including open space, structural landscaping and minor diversion of bridleway. Land off Plough Road Great Bentley
16/00870/OUT Erection of up to 50 dwellings together with open space, landscaping, sustainable drainage and vehicular/pedestrian accesses from Heckfords Road. Land West of Heckfords Road Great Bentley
 16/00766/TELLIC  Installation of a high speed broadband cabinet  Outside The Hall, Thorrington Road, Gt Bentley
16/00687/FUL  Vary condition 2 of planning application 14/01864/FUL to include amended house type for plots 1 & 2.  Rear of Bold Venture Station Road Great Bentley
16/00592/FUL  Proposed vehicular crossing and hardstanding.  7 Council Houses Plough Road Great Bentley
16/00750/FUL  Proposed detached dwelling Land rear of The Poplars, The Green, Gt Bentley
16/00557/FUL Erection of ancillary workshop building. Unit 3 Woodfield Bungalow Gt Bentley
16/00750/FUL Proposed detached dwelling Land rear of The Poplars, The Green, Gt Bentley
16/00592/FUL Proposed vehicular crossing and hardstanding. 7 Council Houses Plough Rd, Gt Bentley
16/00687/FUL Vary condition 2 of planning application 14/01864/FUL to include amended house type for plots 1 & 2. Rear of Bold Venture Station Rd, Gt Bentley
16/00586/TELLIC Installation of high speed broadband cabinet O/S Telephone Echange, Thorrington Rd, Gt Bentley
16/00583/TELLIC Installation of high speed broadband cabinet Outside 3 Birch Av, Gt Bentley
16/00522/FUL Proposed change of use from garden land to extension of existing car park Part garden rear The Burrow, Plough Rd, Gt Bentley
16/00446/FUL Proposed two storey side extension to form garage and two bedrooms. Hill View, Thorrington Rd Gt Bentley
16/00393/FUL Utility room and conservatory extension. 12 Hill Cottages Flag Hill Gt Bentley
16/00446/FUL Two storey side extension to form garage and 2 bedrooms Hill View, Thorrington Rd Gt Bentley
16/00411/FUL Extension 4 Elm Close, Gt Bentley
16/00323/HHPNOT Proposed single storey rear extension 3.7m deep and 3m high. 16 Woodgreen Estate, Plough Road, Gt Bentley
16/00339/OUT Outline planning application for the residential development of 0.59 ha of land to create 4 detached dwellings with associated garaging and parking. Land North of Carpenters Farm St Marys Road Great Bentley
16/00311/FUL Change of use from B1A to B1 and B2 mixed use to include preparation of food. Great Bentley Food Hall Plough Road Gt Bentley
16/00282/FUL Revised application for removal of 2 x lawful caravans and replacement with 1 x permanent timber clad lodge for recreational purposes and occupation between 1 March and 31 October per year Land to rear of Hill Cottages, Flag Hill, Gt Bentley
16/00268/TCA 1 No. Oak – light crown reduction – height reduction 1m, final height 7m with a spread of 5m.  1 No. Holly – light crown reduction – reduction in height 1m with final height of 6m with a spread of 4m. Greenholt,  The Green,  Gt Bentley
16/00299/TCA Group of Limes – Re-pollard to previous pruning points. Woodlands, Moors Close, Great Bentley
14/01750/OUT Outline application for a mixed scheme of 150 dwellings. An appeal has been made. Appeal Ref. APP/P1560/W/15/3141016 Land at Station Field, Plough Road, Gt Bentley
16/00251/TCA 1 x Cherry Tree – Fell Northview House, The Green, Gt Bentley
16/00239/TPO 1 x Oak – remove epicormic growth on trunk Oaklea, The Green, Gt Bentley
16/00199/TCA 1 x Cherry – Reduce by 30% Mariners, Moors Close, Gt Bentley
16/00133/OUT Proposed erection of 50 dwellings. Land at Admirals Farm, Heckfords Road, Gt Bentley
16/00120/OUT Residential development of 3 dwellings upon 0.3ha of land. Land adjacent to Gable Farm, Aingers Green
16/00070/FUL Alteration to planning approval 14/00341/FUL to create managers flat and seating area Restaurant 43, The Green, Great Bentley

(photo credit; parish magazine)