Highways Maintenance

Highways maintenance issues are the responsibility of Essex County Council (ECC). Did you know you can report and track highway maintenance issues on the ECC website; https://secureweb1.essexcc.gov.uk/Highways/Report-a-highway-problem.aspx

Below is a list of the maintenance issues reported by the Parish Council in 2015/16;

Highways Maintenance Issue Date Reported  ECC Highways Ref. Current Position
A letter was sent to ECC Highways complaining about the poor quality of repairs to potholes 18-07-16 N/A Awaiting a response.
Defective VAS sign on Heckford’s Road 18-07-16 2477134 Awaiting attention.
Letter to ECC Highways to again report the flooding on Forge Lane. 18-07-16 N/A Awaiting a response.
Road surface on side of road at junction of Dial Rd and B1027 has crumbled away 07-07-16 2475307 Judged low priority (P3). Highways will continue to monitor.
Faulty pavement rail outside Tesco 15-12-15 2437002 Inspected and judged low priority.
Faulty Pavement Railing, Plough Road 15-12-15 2437002 Inspected 17-12-15. Defect raised, priority (P4).
Obstructed motorist sight-line, junction of Heckfords Rd and A133. 09-06-15 2406359 and 2413648 inspected 21-07-15,defect raised, low priority (P4).
Potholes, junction of Thorrington Rd and Sturricks Lane. 17-04-15 2397743 and 2444863 Defect raised. re-reported on 01-02-16.
Damaged verge 02-04-15 2395111 Remains Outstanding