Great Bentley Carnival


Carnival day this years is on, Saturday 30th June 2018.

The theme for 2018 is Official International holidays, for example: Tree Planting day (N. Korea), Respect for the Aged day (Japan), Diwali, St Patrick’s day, Australia day… The internet is a great source of inspiration, but i’m sure you can think of many more.

We have 2 new officers elected to the committee this year; Julie Wall as Chair  – “Wow! How did that happen? I am a townie, who has lived in Great Bentley village less than 18 months. Well, I saw an article in February 2018 edition of the “Great Bentley Parish News”. The article was stating that if they did not find a chairperson the Great Bentley Carnival would close. Quaint village traditions is one of the reasons I was attracted to Great Bentley. It would be a shame for such an iconic day to close. So I thought, “Should I? Could I?” Well, why not. I wanted a new challenge for 2018 and an opportunity to make new friends, and to my amazement I was voted in as Chairperson. Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful”

Julie Veechiet (Nunn) was voted in as Vice Chairperson. Julie’s dad originally set up the carnival back in the 1960’s. Julie’s knowledge of the village will be invaluable, as we move forward to a successful Carnival day.

Applications to become part of the Carnival Court 2018 are now open, please see facebook or twitter for further information.

We are still looking for a carnival court co-ordinator If you are interested, please contact us via Facebook or e-mail [email protected]. Alternatively you can contact Suzanna Twyman on 07792014404.


Chairperson Julie Wall 07585 558660 [email protected]
Vice-Chairperson Julie Veechiet [email protected]
Secretary Suzanna Twyman 07792 014404 [email protected]

(photo credit: Parish Magazine)