Save Our Libraries Essex (SOLE) Walk on 22nd August

Dear Residents

Although Essex County Council have said that Libraries threatened with closure are safe for 5 years, the threat of closure by stealth remains, e.g. converting Libraries to community run facilities that then fail due to lack of volunteers.  Therefore, the SOLE campaign continues to role to maintain the visibility of this issue and to put pressure on Essex County Councillors so that they are persuaded to support keeping libraries open as publicly funded facilities.
The next big SOLE publicity event is a big walk, starting at Manningtree Library on 22nd August and finishing at the ECC headquarters in Chelmsford on 29th August, passing through many of the places with libraries under threats. The 22nd August leg is from Manningtree to Brightlingsea, passing through Little Bromley, Great Bromley, Frating, Great Bentley and Thorrington. The total distance is approx. 12 miles. We are expecting many people willing to walk would not wish to walk for full 12 miles and, therefore, we will have points along the way where people can drop off and new people can join. We have not as yet finalised these points, but Great Bromley Church and Frating Kings Arms look to be convenient locations.
The walk is planned to start from Manningtree at 11am, passing through Great Bromley at 1pm and Frating Kings Arms at 2pm, arriving at Brightlingsea at approx. 4pm

If you wish to join the walk please contact Phil by email [email protected] or phone him on 01206 239211

We plan to have walk leaders with maps and mobile phones that will help ensure everyone remains safe and adheres to Covid-19 restrictions.

We look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards – Phil
Phil Dunnett
on behalf of the Manningtree leg planning team