Police Chief visits Great Bentley

District Commander Chief Inspector Russ Cole attended a meeting of Great Bentley Parish Council on 4 August. He provided Parish Councillors and local residents with a fascinating insight in to modern policing.

Chief Inspector Cole, a local lad who grew up in neighbouring Alresford, shared the priorities of Essex Police and his personal priorities. He reflected on how policing has changed during his 27 year career. He referred to a number of salient statistics, advising that traditional criminal activity (e.g. burglary and car crime) is deceasing but there is an increase in computer and IT type crime and violent crime. Most of the violent crime is related to domestic abuse. Worryingly there is an increase in sexual offences.

Essex Police continues to change to address changing criminal activity with increased partnership working. The identification of trends and patterns and the development of specialist skills.

C/Insp Cole provided reassurance that community policing remains a focus and is as important as ever to Essex Police in its fight against crime. While Great Bentley has a very low crime rate in comparison with other areas in the District, he reiterated how important the partnership with Great Bentley Parish Council to provide a shared PCSO remains.C/Insp Cole fielded questions enthusiastically from residents on a variety of topics.

He provided an insightful and informative presentation and will be welcomed back whenever he chooses.



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