New Addition to Railway Station

Commuters at Great Bentley were surprised and pleased with the recent new addition at the railway station. It’s a mystery where it has appeared from. Can anyone enlighten us?

3 thoughts on “New Addition to Railway Station

  1. Gary Smith

    ESSCRP have been working in partnership with The Bee Friendly Trust and the local primary school. There is a planter from the trust on the station which has plants which will encourage bees.

    This project has involved, ESSCRP delivering a rail safety talk at the school, the trust delivering a talk about bees and pollination and the children going to the station to plant the seeds and the plants. The children were able to use the skills they learnt from the safety talk in the station, such as standing behind the yellow lines, waiting whilst the barriers went down for the trains to cross. ESSCRP and The Bee Trust will continue to work with the school.

    Photos include the rail safety talk, school children planting, and the train that was also planted up.

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