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240 litre Grey Wheelie Bin

Proposed New Waste Service


Wheelie bins could be introduced to most homes in Tendring under proposed changes to our waste contract.

The large 180 litre bins, supplied free, would replace black sacks and reduce the amount of litter caused by bags ripping due to weather or animals, and would be collected fortnightly.

They are being considered as part of an extension to our deal with contractor Veolia, alongside the street cleaning contract, which between them are our two largest contracts.  To continue with the current service as it is would see the contract cost rise by around £400,000, which is unsustainable.

Street cleaning will become more responsive, as the need to clean up after split black bags will reduce.

Recycling collections will remain unchanged, as will assisted collections.

Any changes which go ahead will not be introduced until the summer of 2019.

Every property in the District has been assessed to see if it is suitable for a wheeled bin.  A small number of homes which are unsuitable, such as those with no side or rear access, will continue to have a weekly black sack collection.  Most flats will also see their waste collection unchanged.wheelie bin

A four week consultation on the proposed waste collection changes runs from Friday 16 February until noon on Friday 16 March.  To have your say email newwasteservice@tendringdc.gov.uk(link sends e-mail) with your comments.

Cabinet is due to make a final decision on the contract in March once the consultation has concluded.

Frequently asked questions

Why are we moving to a fortnightly wheeled bin collection?

This method is currently undertaken by nearly 70% of the councils in the UK.  It has proven to be very successful in maximising recycling, minimising waste and making the best use of resources.  E.g. Maldon and Colchester.

When will I receive my wheelie bin?

At this stage it is only a proposal, if it is approved it will be rolled out in Summer 2019.  More information will be available closer to the time.

Are the wheelie bins free?

Yes, all wheeled bins will be distributed to residents free of charge to your property.

What size wheelie bin will we be receiving?

All residents will receive a 180L wheeled bin which can hold 3-4 black sacks.  The bins are suitable for a family of 4-5.  If you are recycling everything you can you will be able to fit all your waste into your wheelie bin.  No larger or smaller bins will be available.

I do not want a wheelie bin, I do not like wheelie bins

All properties that can accommodate a wheelie bin will be issued with one.  If you do not use your wheelie bin then your waste will not be collected.  The council has a legal requirement under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA) to collect household waste. Section 46 says that the local authority can define the kind of bin to be used.

I do not want a wheelie bin, I live in a conservation area

Wheelie bins do not conflict with conservation laws – this is because they are mobile.

I live in a mid terraced house with no front boundary I do not have room for a wheelie bin?

All properties have been assessed for wheelie bins.  Any properties that have no side/rear access and no front boundary will remain on a weekly black sack collection.

I will not be able to fit all my rubbish into a small wheelie bin

All residents will receive a 180L wheeled bins which can hold 3-4 black sacks.  The bins are suitable for a family of 4-5.  If you are recycling everything you can you will be able to fit all your waste into your wheelie bin.  We understand there will be a small number of households who produce large quantities of non-recyclable rubbish due to children in nappies, medical needs and larger families.  Authorised additional refuse sacks will be available subject to online application.

Will my recycling collections change?

No, your recycling collections will not change.  Your red and green recycling boxes will be collected on an alternate weekly basis.  Please use your red recycling box for paper and cardboard and your green recycling box for plastics bottles, tins, cans and aerosols.  Food waste will still be collected on a weekly basis.

Will my collection day change?

Your collection day may change. More information will be available nearer to the time.  Please continue to present your waste on your normal collection day until otherwise informed.

What can I put in my wheelie bin?

The wheelie bin is for residue waste only.  Such as non-recyclables, plastic food packaging, polystyrene, tissues etc.  Please do not put recyclables, food waste and garden waste into your wheelie bin.

I currently have an assisted collection will this be affected?

Everyone who is on an assisted collection will remain on an assisted collection.  The crew will collect and return your bin to your collection point once they have emptied it.  The wheelie bins will be delivered to your collection point.

Will I own the wheelie bin?

All containers for recycling and rubbish remain the property of Tendring District Council.  The householder is responsible for their wheelie bin.

Can I buy an additional wheelie bin/if I buy an additional wheelie bin will it be collected?

No, Tendring District Council will not be selling any wheelie bins.  We will only collect from Tendring District Council bins and we will not collect from any unauthorised bins.

What happened if my wheelie bin is stolen/damaged?

We will provide this information closer to the time.

Can I put my rubbish in my wheelie bin loose or do I have to use bags?

You can put your rubbish in your wheelie bin however you like, using black sacks will help keep your bin cleaner.  We recommend using smaller carriers then you will be able to fit more into your bin.  We do not recommend putting rubbish in loose as this will make your bin messy and Tendring District Council will not be responsible for cleaning the bin.

Will my wheelie bin be collected if the lid is open?

To ensure your wheelie bin is collected please make sure the lid is securely shut.  Any additional black sacks left at the side of your bin will not be collected.

Where can I get extra recycling boxes from?

Additional recycling boxes can be collected free of charge from one of our local collection points.

If I am staying on a weekly collection will there be a limit to the amount of black sacks I can put out?

Residents will be notified closer to the time.

I am on the round with no food waste collection  and is serviced by a smaller refuse vehicle will I receive a wheelie bin?

If you are on our rural and restricted round your refuse and recycling collections will not change.  You will remain on a weekly collection for black sacks and an alternate weekly collection for recycling with no food waste collection.  We are currently reviewing our rural round.  Any properties that move from a rural round to a wheelie bin service will be notified nearer to the time.

Will you be collecting glass?

No, please take glass bottles and jars to your local bring bank site.  All local bring bank site are listed on our recycling centres and local recycling points page

I live in a block of flats will I move to a fortnightly collection?

If you currently have a weekly collection from a bulk refuse bin your collection will not change.  If you live in a flat it is more than likely your refuse collection will not change.  More information will be available closer to the time.

If I can’t fit all my black sacks into my wheelie bin will additional bags be collected?

No, side waste/additional bags will not be collected.  Only rubbish from your wheelie bin will be taken.  Any additional waste will need to be disposed of at your local tip.

What happens if my wheelie bin blows over and smashes into a car?

All containers for recycling and rubbish will remain the property of Tendring District Council.  Residents are responsible for securely storing their wheeled bin in-between collections and safety presenting their bins on their collection day.  It is extremely unlikely that your bin will be blown over and hit a car.  The bins are designed to stand up straight.  You may be able to put your wheeled bin onto your home insurance.

I am elderly/disabled I cannot use a wheeled bin

We understand that not everyone will be able to manage a wheeled bin, and, if necessary we will offer an Assisted Collection service, whereby the bin is collected and returned to a point nearer to your house.

What happens if I am not in when my wheelie bin is delivered?

You do not need to be at home when your bin is delivered. The bin will be delivered onto your property.

Last updated on: 20/02/2018 – 11:45