Essex Community Messaging

The messages below relating to Great Bentley have been issued by Essex Community Messaging Service.

The Parking around Tesco In Plough Road Great Bentley, has become a big problem. Many vehicles park on the Double yellow lines to collect their take-away and pop in to Tesco. This is not acceptable. There is no stopping on Yellow Lines at any time.

Any Vehicle seen parked on these Double yellow lines will receive a considerate parking notice and a photograph of the vehicle taken. Tendring Council may also issue a fixed penalty notice. Don’t risk a ticket for a few extra steps, stay healthy and be wise. Help to keep our villages neat and safe.

Alresford and Great Bentley have had a major problem with parking issues. Parking too close to a junction, obstructing drivers view, Pavement parking which causes many problems as well as damaging the pavement costing the council a lot of money to repair, as well as problems for mobility scooters/ wheel chairs and prams getting past, forcing them in to the Road. Four Wheels on the road actually slow the traffic down, solving another problem. Vehicles parked on grass verge damage the verge at a cost to the council and making the village look unsightly. Considerate notices have recently been issued and this will continue, if you ignore them, it could result in a fixed penalty. Please park considerately.
There have been recent activity of Fly Tipping in Alresford and Great Bentley. All Fly Tipping will be investigated and fines issued to those caught.

When arranging for someone to collect your Rubbish, please make sure they have a waste license or at least get a receipt.  It is the original owners responsibility if this waste is recovered and could result in a fine. If any fly Tipping is seen in either of the villages, please note what and make your local Officer aware.