Parish Clerk 

Mrs Karen Paradise 01206 256410


Cllr Jonathan Hills, Grange Farm, Heckford Road, Great Bentley CO7 8RR


Cllr Mr Kevin Plummer, Shanklin, Plough Road, Great Bentley C07 8LG


Cllr Mr Peter De-Vaux Balbirnie, Clarence Hse, 69 Larkfield Rd, Great Bentley CO7 8PY

Cllr Mr Robert Taylor, Dominica, Moors Close, Great Bentley CO7 8QL

Cllr Mr George Wright, Admirals Farm Office, Heckford Road, Great Bentley C07 8RS

Cllr Mr Bill Herbert, Greenhurst, Southside, Great Bentley CO7 8PA

Cllr Mr Luke Edwards, Field End, Plough Road, Great Bentley C07 8LG

Cllr Pippa Drew, Cedarwood, Moors Lane Great Bentley, CO7 8QN               

Cllr Roger Adams, Palfreymans Cottage, The Green, Great Bentley, Essex, CO7 8QG

Parish Council Committees and Sub-Committees and Working Parties

Grants Committee;- Cllr K. Plummer (Chair) Cllr L. Edwards and Cllr P. Drew

Allotments/Play Area/Village Green/Car Park Working Party:-  Cllr W. Herbert (Chair), Cllr G. Wright, Cllr R. Adams and Cllr P. Drew.

Planning Committee:-  Cllr K Plummer (Chair), Cllr W. Herbert, Cllr J Hills , Cllr R. Taylor, Cllr L. Edwards, Cllr P. De-Vaux Balbirnie, Cllr G. Wright, Cllr R. Adams and Cllr P. Drew.

Finance Committee:-  Cllr R Taylor (Chair), Cllr K. Plummer, Cllr W. Herbert, Cllr G. Wright and Cllr R. Adams.

Action Committee:-  Cllr W Herbert, Cllr R Taylor and Cllr J Hills.

Public Engagement Working Party;- Cllr P. Drew (Chair) and Cllr L. Edwards.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman are ex-officio on all committees.


District Councillor 

Cllr Lynda McWilliams, Boblyn, St Mary’s Road, Aingers Green, CO7 8NN 07564 613603

County Councillor
Cllr Alan Goggin, Freshfields, Church Road, Brightlingsea, CO7 0QT 07860 519117

Surgery Dates at Brightlingsea Library:

Tuesday 20th November 2018 4-6pm
Tuesday 15th January 2019 4-6pm
Tuesday 19th March 2019 4-6pm
Tuesday 21st May 2019 4-6pm


  1. Internal Auditor – Heelis & Lodge
  2. Village Hall Bookings – Mike Morgan 07903 096015                                                            
  3. Tree Warden – Mr. M Dorling                                                                                                       
  4. Essex Association of Local Council –                                                                                        
  5. Rural Community Council of Essex –                                                                                         
  6. Foot Path Representative – Mr David Gollifer                                                                      
  7. Transport Representative – Mr Peter Harry                                                                                
  8. TDALC- Cllr Robert Taylor