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Government/NALC Advice on Changes in Restrictions

With the nation coming out of lockdown, but the dangers of Covid-19 still being very real, it is important that we all remain aware of recent changes in social restrictions, and how we can remain safe from catching and spreading the Coronavirus. The National Association of Local Councils recommends reading a new set of frequently asked questions put together by the Ministry of Health. To learn the answers to these commonly asked questions, see Changes in Restrictions.

Essex Back to Business information from ECC

In response to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, Essex County Council has commissioned Let’s Do Business Group to provide a fully funded business support service for employers across Essex. This offer includes up to 12 hours of consultancy services to individual businesses for the rest of the financial year. The service will help businesses survive or recover from the impact of COVID-19, improve, change or expand, or help them consider their options for the future, including developing longer-term business strategies.
The enhanced business support service builds on the existing support the COVID-19 Essex County Council Business Support Team has been providing Essex businesses since March 2020. The service also utilises the experience of Let’s Do Business Group who have extensive knowledge of the Essex business environment from previously delivering the INVEST Essex service on behalf of ECC

See Essex Back to Business for further details

COVID-19 testing at Clacton and Harwich

COVID-19 testing is returning to Clacton and Harwich.
MOBILE test centres return to the coast this week. Organised by the Ministry of Defence they will run alongside the permanent testing centre at Copdock, near Ipswich.
They will visit Clacton on Tuesday and Thursday and Harwich on Wednesday
and Sunday. All tests must be booked. Easiest access is by simply dialling 119.