It is that time of year again when we start preparing to take part in the Best Kept Village Competition organised through the Rural Community Council of Essex. This year the Parish Council, with Cllr Pippa Drew leading, is preparing for the “Clean for the Queen” event.

You can read in the Parish Magazine how Pippa has been busy encouraging village organisations to take part in the event, with a view to ensuring that we all try to keep the village litter free and tidy throughout the coming months in preparation for when the judges arrive to make their assessments for the Best Kept Village award during May and June.

Previously, the Shops, Doctors Surgery, Pharmacy, School and Businesses have all taken up the challenge and played their part in making the village successful. If you could please help again this year, it would be greatly appreciated. We know the dog walkers are always very helpful with picking up litter all year round which is also greatly appreciated. It would be great if we could once again win the Best Kept Village in our group.

If you do see large amounts of litter and/or fly tipping, could you please contact the Village Caretaker, Bobby McWilliams Tel. 01206 250732.

(photo credit: denisbin, flickr)