A message from Essex Community Messaging Service

Essex Community messaging is Essex’s free community alert service

“The Schools in the area have only just gone back and already we are receiving complaints regarding bad parking out side of schools at the start and end of School. Please if you take your children to school by car, please park responsibly. Do not park on the Yellow zig zags. Do not park on Grass verges. Do not obstruct the pavement Do not double park in the road, remember large vehicles may need to get through. Please remember that zig zags are there for your child’s safety. If you park on a pavement, this then blocks it,so people are forced to walk into the road to pass. Police will be monitoring thee issues and will give Fixed Penalty Notices to offenders. Please leave plenty of time to drop and pick up your children. Park in a safe place. If you can walk to school,this would free up spaces to those that cant. Remember its for your child’s safety”.

For regular alerts contact https://www.essexcommunitymessaging.org/

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