A Correction Note From Your District Councillor

I have asked the Clerk if she could please make this note available on the Parish Council’s Web site as I have made an error in my notes in the Parish Magazine for this month (August).

I had mentioned what should be recycled in the Red and Green recycling boxes as I understood some residents were not too sure what was meant by the red and green boxes. My note in the Parish Magazine may have confused the issue even more for which I apologise, as it was unintentionally incorrect. The paragraph should read:

I have been told that some residents are not too sure what is meant by the Green and Red boxes, this information is also available on TDC’s web site, but basically green boxes are for the recycling of Plastic Bottles and Metal cans, red boxes are for the recycling of Paper and Cardboard.

A more detailed explanation is available on TDC’s web site.
See https://www.tendringdc.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/new-waste-service

Many thanks
Cllr. Lynda McWilliams
Tendring District Council Ward Councillor to the Parishes of
Great Bentley, Little Bentley and Frating and
TDC Cabinet Member with the portfolio for Partnerships
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