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MOT Fraud Advice from Essex Community Messaging

Following DVSA clarification used car buyers are urged to check MOT details online – the paper certificate is too susceptible to forgery.

Following a clarification by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), we are urging used car buyers to check MOT details online, rather than relying on the paper certificate.

In response to a Freedom of Information request the DVSA’s MOT Scheme Management Team confirmed: “…the view of DVSA is that the test certificate is a receipt style certificate and it is the database holds the authorative record

VSA advice is that if a customer has concerns to the validity of the certificate or wishes to, they can confirm the details via the website.”

“This important clarification should signal a change in consumer best practice. Most car buyers accept the paper MOT at face value, but 25 years of investigating cloned and clocked vehicles has taught us not to be so trusting. The first thing we do with any claim is

check the MOT on the primary source, the government website. It is a great free service and you can see at a glance the recorded mileages going back years and any advisory notes on the condition of the vehicle. Any discrepancy between this data and the paper

certificate should set alarm bells ringing. Vehicle crime has become highly sophisticated but when it comes to paper MOTs a lot of the tactics are rudimentary, commonly simple photocopies with the mileage altered. In one recent case, someone had downloaded

the sample certificate from the government website, filled it in and passed it off as genuine. They should at least put a watermark on that because they’ve inadvertently provided a handy resource for fraudsters.”

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Bogus Callers

Sent by Kevin Blake of Essex Community Messaging

We have been informed that some dubious cold calling Tree surgeons/Landscape Gardeners have entered our area having been suspected of committing offences in a neighbouring area “Your Doorstep Your Choice”, we would advise you to think twice about engaging cold calling traders. If you need a trader for a particular job and do not have a trader by personal recommendation contact Trading Standards “Buy with Confidence Scheme” on 0345 404 0506.

**Leaflets being used may have the names Lambert’s Tree Services, or Benson’s Tree Services or other names and offer all kinds of services for trees and garden work