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CCG Board Meeting – 31 January (to be held in public)

North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will hold its next Board meeting on Tuesday 31 January 2017. It will take place at Aspen House, Stephenson Road, Colchester CO4 9QR starting at 2.30pm in the Ash and Elm meeting rooms.

The meeting will be held in public and will discuss key issues affecting the CCG. There will be a 15 minute question and answer session in which members of the public are welcome to question the Board on any relevant issue.

To view the agenda, please visit the CCG’s website (click on “Library” then “Board Meeting” Continue reading

Car Park Vandalism

Sometime between 21/01/17 and 25/01/17 a car window was smashed in the Station Car Park Plough Road Great Bentley, where it had been parked for a few days with a flat battery.

If you park your vehicle in the Car Park, please do not leave valuables visible. If using a window suction for a sat nav, wipe away the telltale window mark and if possible take valuables with you or hide them out of sight.

(photo credit; Jonny SKWRL, flickr)

The Repair Shop – A new BBC2 Show looking for sentimental items

Ricochet TV part of Warner Bros TV production UK  has notified that it is making a new television show for BBC2 called “The Repair Shop”; the show looks into repairing beloved and interesting possessions for people who would like to see them restored or repaired back to original working order.  The kind of items they have come across so far have ranged from inherited pocket watches to grandfather clocks, from rocking horses to drawn carriages, even from toy cars to VW campers. There is a team of experts who cover all trades such as blacksmiths, ceramics, clock-makers, upholsterers and carpenters.

(photo credit; Helen Haden, flickr) Continue reading

An Invitation to a Public Information Session – 26 January at Great Bentley Village Hall 3pm – 7pm

Residential Development at land west of Plough Road and land north of Thorrington Road.

You may be aware that City and Country Group has recently submitted two outline planning applications to TDC in relation to an area of land west of Plough Road and land north of Thorrington Road.

City and Country  invite you to an information session that will be an opportunity to view the submitted information, understand how the plans have been developed and talk through the applications with the planning team. Follow the link to view the leaflet.

Thursday 26 January 2017 at Great Bentley Village Hall 3pm – 7pm