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‘Bags of Help’ awaits your funding application

Hopefully you have heard about Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme, which sees the money raised by the 5p bag charge channeled into projects that support community participation in the development and use of open spaces. Following a public vote, three projects in each area will receive funding every month, with first place receiving up to £5K, second place up to £2K and third place up to £1K.  Continue reading

Essex’s toughest problems tackled through ground breaking collaboration

Some of Essex’s hardest-to-solve problems – lack of affordable housing, shortages of skills and as we live longer tackling healthcare issues – are set to be addressed head on by a team of the county’s top public servants.

Today, they will begin working to boost economy, promoting greater independence for older people, and encouraging healthy lifestyles, the aim is to improve the lives of Essex people and reduce costs for taxpayers.

In a new and ground breaking programme launched today by the Essex Partnership, 50 people from public services providers representing Essex, Southend, and Thurrock will spend the next year experiencing the issues first-hand and working on better ways of tackling them.

The Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative includes officers from councils, universities, the police, fire, NHS and the voluntary sectors involves has been set up to develop the next generation of talented senior people. They will be encouraged to ditch the constraints of their own organisations and pool their talents and skills to come up with the answers Essex needs.

Read the article in the Municipal Journal by Gavin Jones and Stephen Kavanagh

(photo credit: nist6dh, flickr)