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Meet – Parish Councillor Pippa Drew

Continuing the Parish Council’s ‘Meet The Councillors’ pages, I am Pippa Drew. Cllr P Drew

I have lived in the village for over 8 years, having moved here from Lawford. I started visiting Great Bentley every week when my daughter Katherine was coming here for 11+ lessons and realised what a unique village it is. I started keeping an eye out for properties in the village and soon found the one for us. Katherine is now at Cambridge doing her degree, and my son Sam works in Colchester.

In my spare time I enjoy languages, gardening and mountain biking. I am currently learning Italian and hope to soon be completing my pilot’s licence for light aircraft.

My partner Michael and I both commute every day, so we really appreciate the recent work done on the train station! I am the HR Director for a company in Chelmsford, and some days I work in the London office. Spending every working day in a city makes me thoroughly appreciate coming home to the village and all it has to offer.

Ever since moving to Great Bentley I have been involved with the Bentley Green Players, and have enjoyed the many productions I have taken part in. More recently I founded Protect Great Bentley to try to fight against the damage being threatened in the village by landowners and property developers. What has been most satisfying about that is the number of brilliant and passionate people I have met who really care about the village and are prepared to give up their time to make a difference. I firmly believe that a team and a community working together are far stronger, and make much better decisions than any one individual.

In my view, the single most important thing we as Parish Councillors can do is listen to the people of the Parish. We are elected as Councillors to represent the views of the Parish, so unless we listen, how can we know what those views are? I recognise that there are many reasons people won’t or can’t come to the monthly Parish Council meetings and so I see a key part of my role as a Councillor is to support and encourage the Parish Council’s efforts in engaging with the Parish by whatever means necessary.

Through the Parish Council Public Engagement Group, I am hoping to be able to encourage more community events like the recent Clean for the Queen and the Birthday Beacon events, both of which were enjoyable, effective and really well supported.

We are very lucky to live in Great Bentley with all it has to offer. I’d like to remind everyone to be mindful of the fact that we should make the most of that and to support our local businesses – the butcher, garage, farm shop, hairdresser, pub, restaurant and all the others as if we don’t we may lose them altogether. Of course, the same goes for the village groups and clubs – the Conservation Group, Friends of the Green, Bentley Green Players, the Scouts, Guides and Youth Club, the Cricket Club and the Football Club and all of the other clubs and associations which need support. These, along with our wonderful and unique village magazine are the things which make living in Great Bentley so very special.

The new Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex comes to Tendring

Roger Hirst the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex is attending a public meeting on 21 June 2016 (18:30-20:30) at Brightlingsea Community Centre

Mr Hirst has committed to hold at least one PCC public meeting in each district of Essex in the next year, and these meetings will be also an opportunity for local people to hear from and ask questions of their Essex Police District Commander and the Community Safety Partnership (CSP).

The intention for this programme of PCC public meetings is that they will be chaired by Mr Hirst, with in this case, Chief Insp Russ Cole (Tendring District Commander) and leading members of the CSP present.

Mr Hirst’s communications team, will prepare a detailed briefing on local crime trends which will be published a couple of days in advance of the meeting.


Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held  at the Village Hall on Thursday 16 June 2016. We will meet at 7pm for light refreshments and the meeting will commence at 7.30pm.

All village residents are invited to attend although if you all turn up we may be in trouble. Follow the link to view the agenda.

Annual Parish Meetings are in some circles mistakenly thought of as parish/town council meetings. They are not, although they are normally organised by the local parish council merely because it is easier to do so.