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TDC Refuses Admiral’s Farm Housing Development Application

The following is an extract from TDC Planning Committee minutes on 15 December 2015.


Councillor McWilliams had earlier declared an interest in relation to Planning Application 15/00682/OUT by virtue of the fact she was the local Ward Member and also by virtue of the fact that she was pre-determined.

Councillor Fairley had earlier declared an interest in relation to Planning Application 15/00682/OUT by virtue of the fact she was pre-determined. Councillor Fairley therefore withdrew from the meeting, whilst the Committee considered the application and reached its decision.

The Committee had before it the published Officer report containing the key planning issues, relevant planning policies, planning history, any response from consultees, written representations received and a recommendation of approval.

At the meeting, an oral presentation was made by the Council’s Acting Planning Development Manager (Gary Guiver) in respect of the application.
Councillor McWilliams, in her capacity as a local Ward Member, spoke on the application. She then withdrew from the meeting, on the grounds of pre-determination, whilst the Committee considered the application and reached its decision.

George Wright, the landowner, spoke in support of the application.

Pippa Drew, representing Protect Great Bentley, spoke against the application.

Parish Councillor Robert Taylor, representing Great Bentley Parish Council, spoke on the application.

David Rose, the applicant’s agent, spoke in support of the application.

Following discussion by the Committee, it was moved by Councillor Hughes, seconded by Councillor Raby and RESOLVED that, contrary to the Officer’s recommendation of approval, the Head of Planning (or equivalent authorised officer) be authorised to refuse planning permission for the development for the following reasons:

• Urbanisation of the rural area;
• Scale in excess of 50 dwelling limit in emerging local plan;
• Impact on character of the conservation area;
• Impact on uncontained rural landscape characterised by linear development fronting the large open vista across the green; and
• No Section 106 agreement to mitigate infrastructure impact.

The England Coast Path

Natural England has recently started to look at how access to the Essex coast can be improved, as part of the England Coast Path Project. The following link provides a brief summary of the

The stretch of coast from Salcott to Jaywickis now being investigated and Natural England is in the process of writing to all landowners and residents that may be directly affected to advise them of the project and to invite them to a “drop-in” session in the New Year.

Details of the sessions in your local area are listed below. Anyone with an interest in the project is welcome to join us at any time during one of the sessions.

Clacton Library, Station Rd, Clacton, CO15 1SF Thursday 28/01/2016 13:00 – 16:00
Brightlingsea Parish Hall, Victoria Place, Brightlingsea, CO7 0BP Saturday 30/01/2016 9.30 – 13:00
Wivenhoe Library, 104/6 High Street, Wivenhoe, CO7 9AB Thursday 11/02/2016 15:00 – 19:00




Great Bentley Parish Council has a limited budget for grant funding and wishes to invite local charities and not for profit organisations in need of financial aid to complete and submit an application for grant in 2016/17.

The contribution made by many organisations and individuals to the well-being of the local community is recognised by the Council as vitally important to the wellbeing of the village.

The purpose of the grants is to support initiatives in the local community and to help create opportunities for the residents of Great Bentley and Aingers Green and Flag Hill.

Applications in recent years have increased and exceeded the available budget. In these circumstances, the Parish Council will no longer just make a donation to a local group. Applicants must identify a specific project or initiative. It is important that applications include the justification for and benefits of the project, together with the associated costs. It is unlikely that the amount of any individual award would exceed a maximum of £500.

A copy of the Council’s Grants Policy can be viewed on the Parish Council website

Please follow the link to view and download a copy of the grants application form Grant Application Form 2016-17

Any enquiries should be directed to the Parish Clerk [email protected] or tel. 01206 256410. The deadline for completed applications is 17 January 2016.



Photo credit: Bentley in Bloom display from the Parish Magazine