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Response to questions raised by GBPC regarding application 15/00682/OUT at Admiral’s Farm.

This response relates to the 10 points made by the Parish Council

  1. The applicant has offered either a financial contribution towards a new surgery or a serviced parcel of land made available with no charge. The NHS have responded to TDC saying they would require a S 106 financial contribution in this instance.
  1. There is no proposal for housing on land between Moor’s Lane and Heckfords Road. The illustrative plan requested by TDC and currently being produced will show this area as landscaped public open space.
  1. This issue was also raised by Lawford Parish Council on the scheme recently approved and now under construction at Dale Hale, Lawford. The solution worked out with the Parish Council was to provide a cluster of attractive but small terraced two bedroom houses which would cost significantly less than the other dwellings in the development. Also the rear gardens were to be the minimum size permissible to prevent applications to extend these properties. The theory put forward by the PC was that this would encourage occupants to move when they needed larger family accommodation thus releasing the property for new first time buyers. We therefore propose the same solution for Great Bentley to be included within the reserved matters application, again subject to consultation.
  1. The details of the Lawford Enterprise Trust [new housing trust] set up for the Dale Hall scheme were worked out with the Parish and District Councils, probably it is best to contact Paul Price at TDC who will be able to explain what is possible and to assist GBPC with any of the technical details [contact details below].
  1. The phase 1 ecology report was a scoping study to ascertain what the possible ecological constraints on the development site were and to make recommendations for further work do be carried out to inform the reserved matters application. Modern farming in the UK necessarily limits ecological value as a consequence there is less flora and fauna on the application site’s fields than if it were uncultivated. In addition the northern boundary with the existing woodland is separated from the site by an electrified fence to keep the cattle in, this obviously limits migration of wild mammals onto the site. However, the ecology report identified bat boxes in adjacent land and we have therefore assumed that all the woodland area and field boundaries are, or could be, bat foraging / transit areas and no buildings will be placed within at least 25m of these areas. The recommendations contained the University of Bristol’s ‘Bats & lighting overview of current evidence and mitigation’ will be applied at the detailed design stage including bat friendly lighting.
  1. TPO’s can be applied by the Council when it appears that trees may be at risk. The reserved matters application will have to be accompanied by an Arboricultural Report which assesses risk to trees as a result of the proposed development and will contain details of how existing trees will be protected during construction works. Point 5 above confirms that for bat conservation new buildings will naturally be located away from existing trees.
  1. An illustrative plan with a schedule of accommodation is currently being produced as requested by TDC, this is quite normal. The documents will be for ‘illustrative purposes only’, but will be the subject of a planning condition which defines the scope of the application by stating the reserved matters application shall be in substantial accordance with the illustrative material submitted.
  1. The current access to Moors Close is undoubtedly unsatisfactory as the traffic arriving from the north cannot be seen properly when joining Heckfords Road. However, the situation for Moor’s Close and the application site would be safe as a result of the proposed new sight splays across the slight bend and setting the hedge back. This would give vehicles leaving either entrance a clear view up Heckfords Road. Vehicles on Heckfords Road will also have clear sight of emerging traffic form the development & Moors Close.
  1. The boundary of the site is the land edged red on the application site plan, after checking with the owner we were able to confirm that his ownership went over Moors Close to the gate on its southern side.
  1. There will be no street lighting on any boundary facing the countryside as properties will be in small groups accessed by Private Drives without standard street lighting. In addition as explained in point 6 above lighting generally will be bat friendly and therefore discreet. There is no actual legal requirement to have street lighting.

Brian Morgan RIBA MRTPI

On behalf of Mr George Wright