Month: November 2014

Hastoe Housing Association homes – George Mitchell Close, Gt Bentley

Parish Council will act to stop vehicles driving and parking on the Village Green

Councillors recently met on Southside to assess the ongoing problem of vehicles driving on to the Green between Station Road and Plough Road. The consensus is that action needs to be taken to avoid ongoing maintenance work. It… Read More

Allotment Vacancies

The Parish Council currently has a small number of allotments available. By the time the weather turns in the spring and is nice enough for you to be filled with a desire to roll your sleeves up and… Read More

How should Tendring District Council spend your money?

Residents across Tendring have a chance to say how they want their Council to spend their money. People are now being asked to give their ideas on priorities for where the cash should go – and where they… Read More

Proposed Wind Turbine at High Barns

Great Bentley STOP Ltd has submitted its objection to the proposed wind turbine  including a number of expert reports to the local planning authority. A copy of the objection reports together with visualisations (A3 size) of the impact… Read More