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Proposed Sturrick Lane Housing Development: Planning Application 14/000431/FUL

Further to a request, I am publishing below the developers response to the Parish Council’s objection to this planning application. 

Dear Kevin

Following the Parish Council meeting on the 1st May with regard our recent planning application at Sturricks Farm I thought it might be useful if I responded to matters raised by your Parish Council.

The allocation of this site within the Tendring District Council’s (TDC) Local emerging Plan was made in response to public consultation carried in 2012. It was then endorsed by Tendring Council and formally put forward in November 2012; noting that the allocation was selected in consultation with the Parish Council. The Parish Council did not object and therefore we assume your concerns must be related to the detail of the application rather than the principle.

When confronted by an application it is natural for local residents to raise concerns which are examined by Council officers and their Statutory Consultee before reporting to the planning committee. The scheme has been designed to reflect its edge of village location with emphasis given to placing traditional building designs of different sizes within a landscaped context including verges, trees and hedges. You will note from the responses from the Statutory Consultee that technical matters have all been addressed and whilst local people would clearly prefer not to have the housing it nevertheless meets the standards required.

With respect to the specific points raised in you objections to TDC –

  1. “The highways are completely unable to cope with any further increase in traffic”.
    • You will note that our traffic statement clearly demonstrates that the highways will cope and this has been endorsed by the consultation response from Essex County Highways who have no objections.
  2. “There is great uncertainty about drainage infrastructure. Residents are concerned that the current systems will be inadequate”
    • Anglian Water have confirmed that there is spare capacity to handle the drainage infrastructure so this is not an issue.
  3. “There is no plan as to how the site would be built, and construction traffic would affect all the surrounding areas detrimentally”
    • A construction management plan will be produced by us and we fully anticipate this being a condition of the consent to deal with this issue.
  4. “There is no affordable housing contribution. Any affordable housing contribution should be allocated directly to Gt Bentley for use in the future within the Parish”
  • We are making an affordable housing contribution as required by Tendring Council policy.
  1. “Generally can the village infrastructure cope? Any extra children will have to be accommodated in temporary class rooms. Is there sufficient capacity at the Doctors Surgery?”
  • We are making a contribution towards additional primary school places to ensure the village infrastructure can cope as required by Essex County Council. With regard GP service we contacted The Hollies practice manager and he confirmed that there was spare capacity and would be pleased to take additional patients if required.
  1. “General over-development in terms of numbers of the site.”
  • The site is actually being proposed at a very low density of c.6 dwellings per acre and complies with all parking standards, garden standards, distances to adjoining property standards etc., so it cannot be seen as over development.
  1. “If the site is given permission it must be that any Community Contribution via the Section 106 contribution should all come to the PC so that it can be spent for the benefit of people within the Parish”
  • There is set policy on contributions for community uses and we will be complying with them as required by TDC. I am sure the monies we will be paying will be spent in Gt Bentley.
  1. “At the present time the site is a haven for wildlife, and consideration should be given to its protection.”
  • The vast majority of the site is a horse paddock and extensive ecological studies have been undertaken to ensure protection is given as necessary. This is therefore not an issue.
  1. “It is difficult to see how the (currently well used) bridleway would be practicably usable with the development.”
  • We have specifically design the access to the development to leave the bridleway untouched so it will function as it does now.

In the light of this response we would be grateful if you could reply to this letter prior to the application going to planning committee at the end of this month as I am hopeful we have allayed your concerns.

I hope the above information has been useful but as always please contact me if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely

Brian Morgan RIBA MRTPI