Friends of Historic Essex

Are you interested in the history of Essex? Visit The Friends of Historic Essex website or read about the work of the organisation in its recently published Autumn 2016 Newsletter.

Follow the link to view the promotional flyer for the autumn lecture

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Temporary Road Closures

Essex County Council has published a notice advising of temporary road closures in the District of Tendring. The order will become effective on 31 October 2016 and the restriction will last for the duration of the works.

Follow the links for details of temporary orders showing dates of the road closures – page 1, page 2 and page 3.



Essex’s toughest problems tackled through ground breaking collaboration

Some of Essex’s hardest-to-solve problems – lack of affordable housing, shortages of skills and as we live longer tackling healthcare issues – are set to be addressed head on by a team of the county’s top public servants.

Today, they will begin working to boost economy, promoting greater independence for older people, and encouraging healthy lifestyles, the aim is to improve the lives of Essex people and reduce costs for taxpayers.

In a new and ground breaking programme launched today by the Essex Partnership, 50 people from public services providers representing Essex, Southend, and Thurrock will spend the next year experiencing the issues first-hand and working on better ways of tackling them.

The Greater Essex Leadership Collaborative includes officers from councils, universities, the police, fire, NHS and the voluntary sectors involves has been set up to develop the next generation of talented senior people. They will be encouraged to ditch the constraints of their own organisations and pool their talents and skills to come up with the answers Essex needs.

Read the article in the Municipal Journal by Gavin Jones and Stephen Kavanagh

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Stocks Funfair on the Village Green 15-18 October 2016


Clinicians remind people not to suffer in silence on World Mental Health Day

Clinicians are urging people to use the free and confidential Health in Mind service to speak about their worries if they are struggling to cope. Read the press release.





How can we improve our public open space? Tell us your views.

The Parish Council is seeking the views of local residents on how it could potentially spend money that has been paid from previous Housing Projects in the Parish, to fund improvements in our area that will help mitigate the additional homes and people. Things such as education, healthcare, and affordable housing contributions have been paid additionally. These funds are solely to be used along the lines of benefits to do with public open space. This consultation exercise will form part of the Parish Council’s work to establish what the need is in the Parish in terms of public open space.

There is no guarantee that any application will be successful but the money sits with TDC and the Parish Council is attempting to get as much benefit as possible. Currently there is an allocation of approx. £136,000 with the potential of more in the future from further developments. Details of what Section 106 will/will not fund.

What Section 106 will Fund:

  • Fixed play equipment
  • Multi use games areas
  • Limited play area seating when part of wider S106 scheme
  • Skate Parks
  • Outdoor gyms (subject to a need being proven)
  • Changing facilities
  • Purchase of open space

What Section 106 won’t Fund:

  • Revenue (cost of maintenance etc)
  • Play area fencing (unless part of a significantly larger scheme)
  • General seating
  • Any open space or play area that is not open for public use

There may be the opportunity for some “discretion” and we have asked our District Councillor to take this up with the powers that be within the council.

Over the years at various PC meetings the following ideas were put forward for funding but were not able to carried out due to funding shortfalls.

  • Skateboard Park and Facilities
  • Improved Play area facilities
  • Adult outside gym equipment to be alongside the play area.
  • Further levelling of some areas of the green
  • Dealing with hardstanding areas and roads on the green
  • Improved allotment facilities
  • Improved play facilities for the schools

What are your views? Where would you like to see this money spent? Contact clerk@greatbentleyparishcouncil.co.uk by 25 November 2016.

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Stay well this winter – book your flu vaccination

Clinicians at North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group have published details of flu clinics across Colchester and Tendring in a bid to get the most vulnerable people vaccinated against the virus. Follow the link to view the timetable at all the local surgeries.

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Clinicians urge smokers to stub out smoking this Stoptober

Clinicians across north east Essex say there are strong health and financial benefits associated with quitting smoking. It follows the launch of the Stoptober stop smoking campaign – the national 28 day challenge which gives subscribers access to a range of free tools including daily emails, Facebook and text messages to kick the habit.

Experts say quitting brings lifestyle and health benefits, like improvements in breathing and fitness, improved circulation, improved ability to taste and smell, improved appearance of skin and teeth, and having more money to spend. They add that the average smoker has 13 cigarettes a day, which works out as 364 cigarettes a month. That’s £141 a month and £1,696 a year that you could be saving by not smoking.

Nationally, nearly a million people have taken part since Stoptober began five years ago.

Dr Danny Showell, Public Health Consultant at the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health.  As soon as you stop, you will start seeing and feeling the benefits to your health and your lifestyle.

Smokers can register for the Stoptober challenge at https://stoptober.smokefree.nhs.uk/registration-c or call the free Smokefree National Helpline on 0300 123 1044.

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Essex Police is looking to rationalize its property assets

Essex Police, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex and Chelmsford City Council are in talks to progress the future sale of the headquarters site in Springfield, Chelmsford.

Last October Essex Police announced plans to reduce its estate from 80 to approximately 30 buildings and to sell the headquarters site. Preliminary talks have been held with Chelmsford City Council with a view to obtaining outline planning approval for residential use of the Springfield site to allow the site to be sold for the best possible price. This money can then be used to to create a new headquarters which is fit for the needs of a modern police force and for the future.

Essex Police is exploring the option of sharing accommodation with Essex County Fire & Rescue Service at its headquarters site in Kelvedon and are currently undertaking a feasibility study to this effect. A number of other sites are also being explored.


Monthly Planning Committee and Parish Council meeting Agenda’s

The next monthly meetings of the Planning Committee and Parish Council will be held at 7pm and 7.30pm respectfully this Thursday 6 October 2016. Follow the links to view the agendas. Residents are welcome to attend meetings as they are open to the public.